• Call Center Team Lead and QA

    Immersion HospitalityMemphis, TN

    Salary: 25,000-35,000

    Minimum Education: High School Diploma

    Job #510197307

  • Working as a call center team lead and QA is all about organization, delegation, quality assurance, leadership and performance monitoring.  Call center team leads oversee projects, supervise the day-to-day operations of their team, and ensure accuracy of information and quality of service delivery by monitoring telephone calls.  This position requires exceptional leadership skills, advanced knowledge of customer policies and procedures, advanced skills in active listening, interpersonal skills, performance management, teamwork, quality management and supervisory experience.  The Call Center Team Lead/QA is expected to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and possesses the ability to motivate staff on sales, telemarketing, telephone sales and product knowledge.


    • Direct supervision of call center staff providing on the floor support
    • Coach, mentor and train staff including the correction of mistakes and errors made by agents
    • Assist with new hire and remedial training of call center staff; deliver new and remedial training as needed on products, services, selling skills, system changes and new business programs/initiatives; assists with identifying gaps in training curriculum and assists with implementing the required corrective actions
    • Assist with daily, weekly and monthly reporting of call center and quality assurance metrics and KPI’s
    • Ensure schedule and attendance adherence of call center staff
    • Ensure adherence to employee handbook standards; manage call avoidance behaviors of staff and adhering to documented consequences of such behavior
    • Determines quality standards by studying inbound and outbound calls and customer service presentations; conducting test calls to measure accuracy and quality of service delivered by call center agents.
    • Know how to anticipate and assist staff with barriers to closing sales
    • Verifies results by measuring skills in use of scripts, product knowledge, sales and service abilities, greeting, diction, listening, etiquette, objection handling, efficiency, courteous call closure.
    • Provides feedback by monitoring calls; monitoring feedback for external vendor programs; conducting bi-weekly coaching sessions with individual staff.



    • High School Education/GED
    • Must have a minimum of 4 years in the hospitality industry
    • Must have a minimum of 1 years in Call Center experience
    • Must have the ability to work a flexible schedule (including nights, weekends and holidays)



    Company Description:

    Immersion Hospitality, Inc. (IHI) was created by experienced industry professionals as a result of the collaboration efforts of the many. The company was started in order to break free from corporate constraints to allow us to do what we KNOW needs to be done without the pressures of rapid growth, greed or answering to anyone other than the customers that we serve. We learned early on that diligently serving our customers is what's responsible for their growth and success. We believe operations can flourish by seizing individuals who embrace and thrive on inspired thought. The bottom line is, without customers no company can stay in business and the leadership guiding the successful IHI vow never takes our eyes off of what makes us most effective: We are customer driven, flexible and are working to set the trends as opposed to following the leaders. We will never forget that we work for and answer directly to you, our valued customer or prospect and we will always keep your advocacy in mind for any project you may need us to accomplish on your behalf. We boast an excitement for the cutting edge (R&D), a passion for the industry itself (professional services and project management) and a desire to be heard across all channels (internet updates and speaking engagements) and most of all, we are here to inspire great thoughts among individuals and companies who also believe “different” is something to be embraced and not repelled in today’s ever changing marketplace.

    Updated 10/22/2017

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