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The Longevity Express is here. People are starting to live longer faster than ever before. Isn’t it wonderful? The average age is now around eighty and climbing quicker than the actuarial tables have estimated. People in their fifties and sixties now consider themselves part of the new middle aged. More and more of them are starting to work from home. Where will it all end? No one knows, but certain scientists are estimating average life spans of well over one hundred in the not to distant future. At this rate people in their seventies may soon consider themselves middle aged. What are we doing to prepare for this Longevity Express? We better do some planning before we end up with a train wreck. Planning For The future: 1. What will the health and life insurance people do when faced with masses of people in their nineties plus looking for coverage? 2. What will happen to Social Security and Medicare? 3. Will the demand for new life prolonging drugs continue unabated? 4. Will people have to modify their wills and trusts to account for grandchildren and great grandchildren? 5. Will body part cloning become a reality? 6. How will corporations deal with an aging work force? 7. What are the social ramifications of Longevity re marriage, sex, and divorce? 8. Will children have to provide more care to parents? 9. Will there be enough assisted living facilities? 10. Will people living to one hundred plus have the mental and physical capacity to lead worthwhile, primarily pain free, productive lives? Enough attention is not being paid to the side effects of the Longevity Express. It will have major effects on our economy and in fact on our philosophy of life. Perhaps the most important effect of people living longer is a need to provide them with ways to continue to be productive members of our economy. This opens the door to more and more people seeking their own work at home business opportunities that are compatible will their well-earned desire for more leisure time. Our aging population will need to rely on their experience, life knowledge, and an appreciation of the technological opportunities available to them to create an online business on the Internet. They needn’t fear not being computer savvy because there are programs out there that will get them started with their own free Web site, which they can individualize the content of to create their own brand. These work at home online opportunities will enable older people to once more become productive elements in our society and give them a sense of independence. It will give them a forum to express their views and share their knowledge with others. It will help shape the new social order that is speeding to us on the Longevity Express. ***** Copyright of Arthur Levine 2007

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks for sharing this valuable information, Arthur. As people are working longer and retiring later in life, they have been finding it practical to work part time jobs after retirement. Work from home opportunities are a great way to do this!
  • Hollie
    Great thinking!
  • Laquisha
    You're the greatest!

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