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If you have an out going personality, find people of all ages and nationalities interesting and love to travel, then welcome to the world of the Tour Escort!

What is a Tour Escort, or travel guide, as they’re sometimes known? A tour escort accompanies groups of diverse people on organized trips called “package tours”. You would be responsible for getting groups of people from point A to point B in a specified amount of time. That takes excellent planning, and organizational skills. A tour guide also needs to be able to command the attention of a large group of people.

What kind of education or training is needed? The good news is that a college degree or university degree isn’t always necessary. Tour guide school is an option; it wouldn’t hurt to take it and it would look good on your resume. A number of larger companies will supply full fledged training for new employees. Trainees work along more experienced escorts until they are familiar with the company’s procedure and destinations. If you want a career oriented job, then apply with a company that offers work year round not just seasonal. Seasonal jobs are the most common jobs that are handed out to people with no related education experience.

How would you get the job? Your first step is to see who’s hiring. There are small companies to choose from that are local or larger ones that send people all over the world. Some tour companies have their own websites and have career opportunities listed there. Make sure to check out job websites such as Hospitalityjobsite.com, Monster or even the classified sites. When applying, you have to show your interest in the job. You have to be likable, outgoing, have excellent communication skills, and financial responsibility. A sense of humor always helps too! You have to be able to respond calmly to crises such as airline strikes and bus breakdowns. You have to be a leader yet be friendly and approachable. You have to show that your primary goal would be that the customer would have a great trip. If you have any previous travel experience, mention that. If you have any knowledge of a foreign language, that is definitely in your favor. You need to be extremely professional when applying and during the interview. Find out everything you can about the company you’re applying to. The more information you know about it, the better.

How much money does a Tour Escort make? The salary you make will depend on the length of the tour and how good you are. The longer the tour, the more money. If you run things smoothly, then you can receive very generous tips. A beginner tour guide may make about $50 a day while an experienced tour guide may make about $150. All the expenses are paid, plus your food and miscellanies items while you are working.

What’s the downside? The hours can be very long and exhausting. It can involve 15-25 consecutive weeks of work without a day off. It can require heavy lifting and irate travelers to keep happy. You have to be energetic and smiling even when you don’t want to be. You’ll be spending a lot of time away from home.

The plus side? You’ll have a job that lets you get paid to travel. It offers a lot of independence and freedom. If being a Tour Escort suits your lifestyle, your hopes, and your qualifications, then get ready to travel the world!

By Linda Lee Ruzicka

Linda Lee Ruzicka lives in the mountains of Western PA , happily married and with her 8 cats and three dogs. She has been published in Twilight Times, Dark Krypt, Fables, Writing Village, June Cotner anthology, The Grit, Reminisce , the book, Haunted Encounters: Friends and Family. She also does freelance work for Beyond and Hospitalityjobsite. You can read more of her blogs on Hospitalityjobsite blog.


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