Top Ten Reasons to Leave a Job

Julie Shenkman
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1. You want more challenge.
If you have been in a position you just don't feel offers any more challenge, speak to your boss first. If you are not encouraged by the discussion and the economy is good, it may be a good time to start looking for a new job and/or career.

2. The handwriting on the wall says that your company will be downsizing.
Downsizing, bankruptcy, merger and/or acquisitions can all be traumatic for a workforce. Questions surface if your job will be cut. At least start the process of creating a resume or updating a resume to be ready to go if needed.

3. It's a candidate's market.
Although it's not always possible, you may want to rethink leaving your job if the supply of candidates exceeds the number of jobs or the economy is in a big slump. The best time to change positions is when your skills are in demand.

4. The thought of going to work causes physical and/or mental anguish.
If you wake up every morning and dread going to work or have physical symptoms unrelated to other circumstances in your life, it's time to float your resume on the job boards and start networking. Life is too short to spend time in a position where you are feeling negative physical side effects.

5. You've been in a position for at least two years.
So you hate your job but have only been in the position for six months. Now what? Hang in there for at least a year or two. Prospective employers look to see if you have been job-hopping within the same geographic area. If they see a pattern of staying with a company for under two years, it raises a red flag that you may not be a team player-among other things.

6. There is no room for professional growth over the next year.
If you are a go-getter, you don't want to be told you will be promoted within a certain time frame and still be stuck in the same position months later. If this is the case, you may want to start looking for new opportunities.

7. A bigger/smaller company better suits your personality.
The corporate cultures at large and small companies vary considerably. You can either be a big fish in a small pond where many eyes are on you or lost in a sea of talent where it's more difficult to stand out.

8. A better and firm offer from another company presents itself.
Sometimes you are not even looking and a new job opportunity is brought to your attention. Even if you are truly happy in your current position, check out the new job. It certainly can't hurt, but be sure to weigh all options. The phrase "The grass is always greenerÂ?." applies here.

9. The commute is shorter.
If you live in a major metropolitan area, the commute time can be a major consideration in selecting a position.

10. You received a huge inheritance and are independently wealthy.
This is everybody's dream but not realistic for most of us. It's fun to think about though!


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