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We all learned it in kindergarten, show and tell. The telling part was ok but it was the showing part that really drew the kids’ attention. The same is true with job hunting. It’s easy to tell all the great things you’ve accomplished, you probably have a bullet pointed list, like everyone else’s resume. And while you think noting experience alone can set you apart you’re taking a gamble relying solely on a piece of paper to represent you.

The key is trying to stand out and illustrate why you are the best for the job in a unique and creative manner. It might not be feasible to create a blow up size standee of yourself to pass out your resumes but attention grabbers like that show initiative. Trying some stand-out ways to visually suggest you’re the best for the position you seek to fill can be a great way to get in the door. Think about if some of these ideas would work for you:

Create an online portfolio: This isn’t a tool limited to artists and developers, educators can use it too. Take pictures of class projects, include copies of awards you’ve won, or lesson plans you’ve done. You can customize one for free with an online blog from a site like Wordpress or Blogger.

Video References: If you have the opportunity, collect a few short statements from close friends, former employers, or teachers about how you are an excellent addition to any team. Make sure they don’t ramble on. Tell each reference to pick 3 points that highlight your professionalism and give them at most a minute to explain why. Post your video on YouTube and include a link to your resume. What better way to know how you work with others than to hear it straight from the source.

Say it sweetly: Show how inventive you are by having personalized M&Ms made with messages that say your name and “Hire me” and include a small pack when delivering your resume. It’s a way to promote yourself while giving a little boost to the person who has to go through the piles of paperwork. They’ll appreciate the extra effort and you will leave a lasting impression that melts in their mouths not on their hands.

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By Heather Fairchild - Heather is a writer and blogger for Nexxt. She researches and writes about job search tactics, training, and topics.


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