5 Personality Traits Every Successful Hotel Manager Needs

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Think you’re cut out to be a good hotel manager? You’ve got a reputable degree in hospitality management. You may even have interned at a big hotel to see if you’ve got what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive field. But the “icing on the cake” is whether or not you have the right personality traits to take you to the top. Here’s a checklist of the 5 attributes every manager needs:
  1. Are you a Team Builder? Can you put personality differences aside and build a cohesive team? Can you create the esprit de corps that unites individuals to work toward and achieve a common goal? Are you a leader?
  2. Do you Command Respect? Not everyone in your team has to like you. But they must respect you. Can you keep from playing favorites? You can’t be drinking buddies or party pals with those under you. There’s a line you can’t cross. Does your personality allow that?
  3. Are you a Visionary? Can you think outside the box? That doesn’t mean you’re a daydreaming idyllic. It means melding the practical with the “What if?” What if technology takes the industry in a new direction? What if demographic changes alter the makeup of your customers and their needs? In other words, when it comes to combining everyday functions with long-term visionary objectives, can you “walk and chew gum” at the same time?
  4. Are you Decisive? Can you make decisions quickly? Are you overly reliant on consensus management? Can you think on your feet? Good mangers know how to get the information they need to make informed decisions. Sometimes they’re willing to take calculated risks. They don’t over-think a problem. They act. And in some cases, they have a Plan B.
  5. Are you a Recruiter and Trainer of Talent? This is a key responsibility of a successful hotel manager. You must be able to spot talent, train and hone it till it shines. The work they do on your behalf reflects directly on your skills in these areas. To impart knowledge and skills to another person takes inspiration, dedication and perspiration.
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